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View 12 Movers Speaking Test Tell The Story - A1 SPEAKING MOVERS / Mo ghi im tuyt I Phn 2 - K 1 cu chuyn "Lily loses her mouse." Press Information Contact us about copyright. Creators Developers should be advertised. Terms Policy on Privacy and Security YouTube's Operation Try out new features. Contact us about Press Copyright. Creators

Part 5 of A1 Movers Writing 10 - 7 Questions - Examine the images and read the story. Fill in the blanks with words to complete the sentences about the story. You may use one, two, or three words. Rainfall in the jungle 'Would you like to go for a walk in the jungle?' Vicky and Tom asked their friend Daisy last weekend. 'I need to take some,' Daisy said. 1st A1 Movers Speaking Test 2nd A1 Movers Speaking Test We also include listening and speaking exercises to help you prepare for the A1 Movers test. Part 1 of Listening Part 2: Listening Part 3: Listening Part 4: Listening Part 5: Listening Part 6: Listening Part 7: Listening Part Part 5: Listening Videos of People Speaking Part 1 of Speaking We include reading and writing exercises on a regular basis.

Part 2 of Movers Speaking: Using pictures to tell a story, followed by a gap-fill. 1319682 is the ID. The language is English. English as a Second Language is a school subject (ESL) Grade/level: 3rd grade. 8-10 years old. Speaking and writing are the main topics. Other content includes telling a story and connecting words. Format of the A1 Movers Test A1 Movers is a collection of three papers designed to encourage and motivate young students. You can see what's in each paper by clicking on the links below. Can Do statements, which are linked to the CEFR, show what a learner can do at each level. Read the statements about what Starters, Movers, and Flyers can do. playlist Openbook listening Reading and Composing

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