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Rodgers made it plain during a Pat McAfee Show interview that all choices are on the table, including staying in Green Bay, playing elsewhere, or retiring, and there is conjecture that he may suit up for a new club. The Denver Broncos, where his offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett is believed to be appointed as the team's next coach, have been strongly mentioned as a possibility. Is it more advantageous for Rodgers to play in Denver than in Green Bay? Not if he wants titles, according to ESPN's Dan Orlovsky.

This move provides the Packers with a significant amount of draft money, which they may employ to develop a team around Jordan Love or another quarterback in the future. Rodgers is easily worth three first-round choices, even more so since those picks will almost certainly be late in the first round. The Broncos are one quarterback away from becoming legitimate playoff contenders. Denver is blessed with an abundance of skill on both sides of the ball. Along with the receivers mentioned, the Broncos have an emerging star running back in Javonte Williams and a big-target tight end in Noah Fant.

Rodgers said, âWe'll see.âpic.twitter.com/8M5hVlLeXj (@jpafootball) JPA Football (@jpafootball) 9 February 2022 To be quite candid, I did not hear anything from this clip. In some ways, I agree with Andrew Mason when he said that it seemed as if we were pursuing a breadcrumb that meant nothing. To my mind, the critical point here is that he did not say something pre-scripted from a public relations playbook. Allowing that door to remain open with a simple âwe'll seeâ is akin to putting gasoline on a fire when it comes to speculating on the future of a potential Hall of Fame quarterback in Aaron Rodgers.

Having a club good enough to justify a Rodgers addition is critical. That is what Elway was able to do as general manager after Manning's signing in 2012. Von Miller came as a first-round selection the previous year, and the Broncos blew up the pocketbook in 2014, signing cornerback Aqib Talib, defensive end DeMarcus Ware, receiver Emmanuel Sanders, and safety T.J. Ward. Rodgers' cap costs for this season are $37.202 million, $39.852 million in 2022, and $28.352 million in 2023. The Broncos lack the salary-cap space necessary to add Rodgers' total this year – they'd be around $13 million short even factoring in money spent on injury replacements.

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