Adios Mother F Drink Recipe

âThis is a favorite drink of mine when I've had a tough day and need just one big hard drink to lift my spirits. In Portland, I used to cook these often. I also introduced them to a few individuals during Mardi Gras. I ALWAYS make this cocktail with Tequila. It imparts exactly the appropriate amount of zing. Certain snobbish drinkers think that the only Long Island "type" cocktail that should include Tequila is a "Long Island." Personally, I disagree, but you may omit it if you choose. Simply replace it with a bit extra vodka.â

Now onto the famed Adios Motherfucker Shot, which is a cocktail made with vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and blue curacao. Naturally, this bad boy is based on the famous Adios Motherfucker, which is also known as the Blue Motherfucker, Blue Long Island Iced Tea, Blue Motorcycle, the AMF cocktail, the AMF drink, or just the AMF.

The recipe asks for a sweet-and-sour mixture. While bottled sweet-and-sours are available in stores, it is usually prudent to avoid them because to their high sugar content and chemicals. Rather of that, consider creating your own. This is performed quickly and simply by preparing a basic syrup (equal parts sugar and water) and infusing it with fresh lime juice. If desired, garnish your drink with a lemon slice and cherry and sip the eye-catching cocktail in front of you. That, my friends, is your marching orders. However, what really defines an Adios, Motherfucker is the motherfucker who mixes it: cool, confident, and unrestrained. That motherfucker may very well be you.

Thus, the only difference between an Adios Mother F âer and a Long Island Iced Tea is the addition of a splash of 7-up rather than a splash of Coke. But keep it a secret; the Adios is sometimes $1-$2 more costly, which means we can earn extra money! A tall Collins or pint glass, brimming with ice Equivalent Parts 1/2 oz. of each alcohol component: Vodka Adapted from www.bartendingblueprint.com.

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