American Football Field Diagram With Labels

American Football fields are rectangular in shape and must be 120 yards (360 yards | 109.75 meters) in length and 53.3 yards (160 yards | 48.8 meters) in width. In a football game, the field of play is defined as the 100 yards between the two opposing end zones on each side of the field at a depth of 10 yards | (30â | 9.15 m). Each yard on the field is designated by white markers that are divided by complete field lines every 10 yards. The center hash markers are 20 yards (60 yards | 18.25 meters) inward from each team's sideline. The team areas are located on both sides of the 50 yard line and stretch 25 yards (75â | 22.8 m) in both directions. American football fields are either constructed of natural grass or synthetic turf.

The Playing Field

The field of play encompasses the whole field, except the end zone. It is 100 yards long by 160 feet broad. The field of play is denoted by hash markings every yard and lines every 10 yards across the field. Yard numbers are placed on the line every 10 yards. They begin at ten and rise as they approach the endzones, eventually meeting in the center at fifty.

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The penalty kick restraining line extends ten yards (9.14 m) outside the penalty area and closes on the penalty area line from the center of the penalty kick line/spot.

The penalty spot is 12 yards (11 meters) from the goal line, right in line with the goal's center, and is often shaped like a D. This is referred to as a penalty arc.

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