American Horror Story Mental Asylum Cast

The video has been removed: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h8hKMg5Ej0& In other situations, Goi has used split-focus diopters or tilt-shift lenses to amplify and underline dramatic moments or those critical to the show's plot arc. Given some knowledge into future episodes' discoveries, he has the benefit of foresight when using these tactics — he may visually emphasize an apparently "regular" scene whose actual significance will be exposed many episodes later. I believe that all of these strategies demonstrate how each tool has its right use; we're all probably pretty aware with the debates about which format is superior and why. What I find fascinating about Goi's work here is that it proves that cinema, despite its decreasing popularity, can still be used imaginatively to tell a tale, and by using several old approaches!

None of these narrative threads are very subtle . Ryan Murphy has a variety of talents, but subtlety is not one of them â €” they seem to be inextricably linked to the even more unsubtle horror rhythms. When a stabby serial murderer known as âBloody Faceâ roams the premises and a nun whips the bare ass of a gorgeous 20-year-old, being mistreated and mistrusted for who you love serves as a grounding factor, a touch of recognisable human feeling and anguish that grounds all the gory pleasures. Additionally, in horror, the stakes are constantly raised: Racism and homophobia will land you for the rest of your life in an ugly crazy institution. Quinto's doctor rants at Sister Jude at one point for continuing to employ electroshock therapy as a cure for homosexuality. He pauses briefly before continuing, âBehavior modification is now the norm.â That is very frightening.

9. âFreak Showâ Everybody Delights in a Clown It's difficult to select a single WTF moment involving John Carroll Lynch's clown Twisty, a television creation so frightening that he might terrify even Pennywise. One might make a compelling argument for his genesis narrative later in the season, in which we discover how he attempted suicide with a shotgun but ended up mutilating everything below his top lip. However, we will never forget his first appearance, when he attacked a young couple on a picnic, slashing up the man and kidnapped the lady. Twisty is one of the most, shall we say, bizarre creatures in AHS history, and this scene is a large part of why.

Indeed, they did. And Dr. Arden might easily have snuck into the United States. He is a scientist, and the government would have arranged for his admission. They would, however, not have squandered all that work by having him create half-human monsters in an institution. Nazis fled to every continent. And although the Israeli authorities apprehended a few of them, they did not capture them all. 6. If Jude was sane, why did she disintegrate at the Asylum?

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