American Idol Elvie Shane Family

Elvie Shane is a country music singer from the United States of America. He is affiliated to BBR Music Group, and his first song "My Boy" peaked on Country Airplay in 2020. Shane was born and raised in Caneyville, Kentucky, where he grew up singing in his church and listening to his father's country music. He dropped out of Western Kentucky University to concentrate on music. He started performing publicly in 2012, which resulted in his 2016 appearance on American Idol. Despite being ousted in the first round, he posted a number of tracks online, including "County Roads" and "My Boy." He signed with BBR Music Group in 2020, which launched his single "My Boy" on country radio. [1]

The song was written over a few of nights after a friend's stepmom wrote me a Facebook message stating, âI don't have a step son; I have a kid who was born before I met him.â That struck a chord with me, and so I got down with Russell Sutton, Lee Starr, and Nick Columbia, three men who were primarily focused on figuring out how to compose music together. We were sitting on the porch and conversing when someone commented, âhe ain't got my grin, but that doesn't worry me in the least.â Then the lines began to appear one by one. The song was really a gift, guy. It took me four and a half years to compose another song that elicited any response! (laughing) You also published a version of âMy Girlâ with gender-neutral lyrics.

Shane's smash track "My Boy" was a dedication to his stepson and an homage to all stepdads. The song quickly gained popularity on TikTok as blended families adopted it, uploading videos of stepchildren performing the song for the first time for their stepparents. Shane also recorded a "My Girl" version of the song for his stepdaughters. "I wasn't there for his first steps/ But I haven't missed a ball game yet/ And that ain't going to change/ I could never walk away/ Yeah, he's my kid and that's my choice/ He ain't my blood, but he's my child," he says in the song.

Due to the fact that it is Thursday, we are going to have a Throwback Thursday celebration for Elvie. Who remembers this? Elvie took the stage in front of the judges (Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr.) on Season 15 of American Idol and performed for a golden ticket to Hollywood during AI's trip in Little Rock, Arkansas. Yep! He got one. During Hollywood Week, Elvie advanced to the Group Round but was eliminated after his performance of Alex Clare's "Too Close."

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