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Angie Thomas was born, bred, and now lives in Jackson, Mississippi, according to her accent. She is a young rapper whose most notable achievement was a post about her. She earned a BFA in Creative Writing from Belhaven University, as well as a certificate in Hip Hop. She can still rap if required. She is... Continue reading


The narrative of Sonny's life! Argh! I was initially on board with this, with the connection to Becky Albertalli's Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda - which is fantastic - but it spiraled out of control till it seemed as like Thomas had incorporated a sub-plot that was effectively Simon Vs. but not nearly as excellent. Albertalli, in my opinion, deserved credit for it. (I am aware that Thomas and Albertalli are buddies, but still.) Sonny and Miles deserved better... and aren't they sort of adorable together?? Although it was very clear that Miles was Rapid, that is not the point. As a result, I disliked that representative. And what about Pooh's aunt? I mean, can you really create a novel on prejudice without delving into the tale of a queer black woman even a little bit? I swear her girlfriend just departed with a few hasty reasons. To be honest, the majority of the LGBTQ+ representation in this seemed tossed in 'because I'm so diverse!' That was really vexing.

The Hate U Give Me, Thomas's first book, was released in 2017. The novel was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and is mostly on the 2009 police killing of unarmed Oscar Grant in Oakland, California. The HateU Give received widespread attention and admiration, as well as sparking a bidding war between thirteen publishing firms. Angie Thomas, a Jackson, Mississippi, resident, started writing her first book while a senior at Belhaven University. During an interview, the author said that the title of the book was inspired by the late and renowned rapper Tupac Shakur's description of 'Thug Life,' which included not only the tattoo on his stomach but also a code he devised for impoverished communities. In other words, THUG LIFE is an abbreviation for The Hate U Give Small Infants F**ks Everyone. She opted to exclude the LIFE portion of the acronym since it was difficult to incorporate the F word in a Young Adult (YA) book title, and adding the section would result in an unappealingly lengthy title.

This is a must-read if you enjoyed the first. It is magnificent. You can know a book is excellent when you slow down at the conclusion because you don't want it to finish. I now eagerly await the publication of other works by Ms. Thomas.

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