Ankle Broken Foot Bones Xray

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Your youngster will be escorted into a separate room for X-rays, which will most likely feature a table and a huge X-ray machine suspended from the ceiling. Typically, parents are allowed to enter the room with their kid to reassure them. If you want to remain in the room during the X-ray, you will be required to wear a lead apron to protect particular areas of your body. A lead shield will help safeguard your child's reproductive organs. If your kid is in the hospital and cannot be transported easily to the radiology department, a portable X-ray machine may be delivered to his or her bedside. In emergency departments, intensive care units (ICUs), and surgical rooms, portable X-rays are sometimes employed.

Each of these bones has the potential to fracture, however the most frequent ankle fracture occurs in the lateral malleolus, a portion of the fibula located directly above the ankle joint [2].

When a bone is broken but stays in the right location, it is referred to as a non-displaced ankle fracture. A misplaced ankle fracture occurs when the shattered bone fragments become separated or misaligned.

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We take patient safety very seriously at University Foot & Ankle Institute. The Covid-19 patient safety precautions in place at our institution surpass all CDC requirements.

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