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The north entrance of the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, which is scheduled to open in March 2021. Timothy Hursley took the photograph. In March 2021, a view south through the new Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. Timothy Hursley took the photograph. Studio Gang's design for the new Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts establishes a central axis that runs the length of the structure, linking the Museum's numerous programming sections. Timothy Hursley took the photograph. To the south, the newly renovated MacArthur Park welcomes the new Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. Timothy Hursley took the photograph. Image 5: Work on the glass that will surround the Cultural Living Room, a meeting place on the second level, continues. Workers complete the construction of floor-to-ceiling windows at the new MacArthur Park restaurant. Workers continue to frame the building's south side. Over 984 cubic yards of concrete were used to construct the iconic roof. A mason works on the two-story west wing's almost 20,000 square feet of exhibition space. This wing of the structure will employ around 117,000 bricks.

The old galleries, arts school, and theater have been refurbished, while new construction totals 40,000 square feet and includes a new gallery, administrative and instructional facilities, amenities, and new entrances. One element is a big display wall that faces windows facing the park, luring visitors outdoors. Additionally, there is a "cultural living room" â a social gathering place for events and other programs. We are a partner in a tri-venture with Nabholz and Doyne Construction, which will manage the refurbishment and expansion's construction. With subcontracted colleagues DNA Detailing & BIM, we self-preformed the concrete roof structure, providing field supervision, a prefabricated frame system, layout, and rebar detailing.

Our facility at MacArthur Park in downtown Little Rock is presently undergoing renovations. Beginning in September, stop by our temporary location at the Riverdale Shopping Center. Located in historic MacArthur Park, the museum features an international collection of art and special exhibitions; family-friendly live theatre performances; lectures, films, poetry slams, and family festivals; the Museum Shop features works by renowned artisans; and lunch is available at Best Impressions Restaurant. The museum is home to a nationally renowned collection of works on paper. The first Tuesday of each month, the nationally syndicated radio program "Tales From the South" airs.

This has to be one of Egypt's most undervalued museums. Not only is the collection outstanding and diverse — spanning from fifteenth-century Dutch art to twentieth-century Egyptian pieces — but the presentation in this freshly renovated structure is also very good. The descriptions might be more lengthy and comprehensive, but this does nothing to diminish the value of the artworks. Highlights include a tiny collection of Giambattista Tiepolo's paintings (!!!) and an intriguing assortment of Orientalist pieces. The art of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Europe is mostly represented by the works of lesser artists, which are nonetheless worth looking at. On the second level, there is a substantial collection of contemporary Egyptian art, including pieces by internationally renowned artists (e.g. Thalia Flora-Karavia) and numerous smaller works by Moukhtar. The museum is completely free to enter; this is an essential must for any art fan.

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