Asiatische Grippe In Der Ddr

Numerous residents, particularly those in older structures, were in a barren state. Only a few apartments included a bathroom or hot water. There were insufficient workstations to thoroughly clean the users. The rents were set by law: according to the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, they were between 30 and 50 Pfennig per quadratmeter for older structures and one mark per quadratmeter for newer structures. It was forbidden for house owners to enrich themselves via rental income. Many lacked the funds necessary for renovations.

The epidemic spreads to Singapur in February 1957, reaching Hongkong in April with 250.000 sick people in a short period of time. It struck the United States in June and caused 69.800 or 116.000 tons of debris in this country, according to two sources. The virus spreads across land and sea and in six months infects the whole world. It will rank second on the Pandemic Severity Index in the United States. Except for those above the age of 70, the world's population was not immune to this virus. It has been shown that the virus, in the absence of bacterial superinfection, is capable of causing Lungentz14ndung and Lungdem. The most severely afflicted individuals were heart patients and pregnant women in their third trimester.

However, at this point, we will focus only on the systematic fraud associated with the publication of PCR-test results. Or, to put it another way, we are now robbing these mathematicians. We do what mainstream journalists are incapable of, unwilling to, or unable to do. In several areas of the Bavarian state, the strictest measures for âPandemic Defenseâ are in effect. Surprisingly, though, there are also reports of unusually high âFallzahlenâ from there. Is it possible that there are too many âUnvern14nftigeâ or âSuperspreaderâ there, and too little âSolidarittâ and âEinsichtâ? However, I would rather emphasize – and this is true for both Nordrhein-Westfalen and Baden-Württemberg – that much and specifically is tested here. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) brings this to light in his many status reports. We have no idea how many tests are conducted where, how many are conducted on each patient, how many CT-Zykles are required to break the virus's âZ14chtung,â how many of the patient's symptoms are present, whether or not Besttigungstests are conducted, and so on and so forth. Individuals who were previously healthy â and this represents the overwhelming majority of positively tested individuals â are said to be âgenesenâ, if further tests fail to reveal the desired Gensequenz. This is just Scharlatanerei.

Impfung führt zur ErbgutveränderungDass now mit dem Covid-Impfstoff Humangenetik vorangetrieben wird, is also no accident. This is the major moral blunder in relation to the alteration of human embryos, which will result in the provision of T1r and Tor for the Pharmalobby's further slaughterhouses. Seit Jahrzehnten wird cloak-and-dagger research conducted, which before could not be done. Now, one may speak plainly. The genetically engineered Covid19-Biowaffe is used as justification for altering the human genome.

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