Backup Whatsapp Messages Google Drive

Select the Daily option and WhatsApp will do the rest of the Work. WhatsApp will create a backup daily of your all WhatsApp Chats and automatically upload on Google drive whenever your device connects to the internet.

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Backup Whatsapp Messages Google Drive Iphone

attachments is practically impossible between Google Drive and iCloud. You need other media (any third-party tool) to assist you in doing the same. This article will show you how to transfer WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iCloud indirectly. Part 2: Guide to Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Google Drive to iCloud

Keeping a copy of your private messages, photos, and other data in the cloud is a fail-safe way to keep your data backed up. Even if your device fails or the internet goes out, you'll surely be able to access your data from somewhere else with a solid internet connection. We recommend using one of the top cloud storage services for maximum security. If you're paranoid about losing your cloud storage account, we highly recommend setting up an offline network-attached storage for your home. Our resident NAS-expert Harish Jonnalagadda suggests getting one of the best NAS systems for personal use, especially something from Synology. If you're a total newbie, our guide will walk you through the steps of setting up a NAS server to store your media files.

Backup Whatsapp Chat Google Drive

Nowadays, many users have realized the importance of WhatsApp data backup and choose cloud storage as a backup destination to keep data safe. According to the queries that many WhatsApp users post on the internet, it is not hard to see that Google Drive and iCloud are the most popular backup solutions for WhatsApp users. Generally, Android users would like to use Google Drive to back up and restore data, and the iOS associated with iCloud. However, because of the generous 15 GB free storage that Google Drive offers to users, more and more iOS users also choose to backup WhatsApp to Google Drive instead of iCloud.

Backup Chat Whatsapp Google Drive Ios

For your iOS device to be able to access the data, it must be backed up somewhere other than Google Drive. As a result, we'll begin by restoring the backup data on an Android smartphone. Take the actions outlined below. If WhatsApp is already installed, uninstall it and reinstall it to clear all data from the device. Ensure that you are signed into your Google Drive account before continuing. Following that, open WhatsApp and input your phone number. Ascertain that the phone number you use to sign up for WhatsApp matches the phone number you used to backup your data to Google Drive. Following the authentication procedure, WhatsApp will automatically discover the backup file in your Google Drive account. It will ask you to restore your data. Continue.

Method 1: How to restore WhatsApp for free from Google Drive to your iPhone

The fundamental concept behind this transfer is that you must first transfer the backup file from Google Drive to Android and then to the iPhone. Direct Google Drive to iPhone repair is not feasible due to Google Drive's incompatibility with the iOS platform. The following are the steps:

You will be prompted in your settings to modify the WhatsApp backup settings. Navigate to Settings > Chats > Backup chats. Select âNeverâ for Google Drive backups. Following that, click BACKUP. Now, on Dr.Fone, click âNextâ. Your Android smartphone now displays another prompt. Install, and if the prompt does not appear, click âshow againâ on the Dr.Fone app.

Restore Through Email (Inconvenient) Additionally, you may send WhatsApp data from an Android handset to an iPhone. As you can think, this technique entails emailing yourself the WhatsApp conversations and then downloading them to your iPhone. Step-by-step instructions for restoring through email: To begin, follow the following steps to restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to your Android smartphone. Open WhatsApp on your Android smartphone and go to the WhatsApp conversation you want to transmit. Then touch on the contact's name that appears at the top. Select âExport Chatâ and specify whether or not to include the media files in the email. Enter your email address and click âSendâ. Navigate to your iPhone's email app, open the message, and then download the attachment in text format. Bear in mind that you cannot access the conversations on your iPhone WhatsApp. Your communications are transferred through email as TXT files. As a consequence, you will not know who sent the message and will be unable to respond to any communication in such format. An additional constraint is the need for an internet connection.

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