Barbell Split Stance Romanian Deadlift

Romanian Deadlift with Banded Barbell By incorporating bands into this exercise, you may emphasize technique and learn how to master the hip hinge. The resistance is greatest at the start of the exercise, which means your muscles will have to work more to safely drop the weight.

RDLs are also often used in conjunction with a row. This makes sense given how similar the RDL set-up posture is to the bent over row set-up position. Combining the two puts the posterior chain and spine in a precarious situation. Clearly, the RDL loading is limited by the amount of weight that can be rowed. RDL to Peak Sequencing When it Matters

It places a heavy emphasis on your hamstrings. It's an excellent exercise for training and isolating your hamstrings (I say "somewhat" since it's still a complex lift). It is possible to execute it while using rather large quantities and significant weight. As a result, it's an excellent workout for forcing your hamstrings to expand. It results in an increase in core activity. Due to the split stance (or staggered stance), this lift incorporates and engages a significant amount of your stabilizer and other core muscles.

Upper and Middle Back

The Romanian deadlift strengthens the back in general simply by requiring the lifter to maintain a tight torso and flat back throughout the range of motion. As the weight is lowered, the back must work harder to resist spinal flexion and shoulder rounding. This benefits lower back injury prevention, general back strength, and postural control for other activities such as squats, conventional and sumo deadlifts, snatch, and cleans.

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