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Which prosecutor in the world would prosecute Batman with murder? This is not the same as Batman entering an interrogation room and shooting the Joker in the head while he is restrained. To enlarge, click... Click to enlarge... That is not the point; Batman would never face prosecution. Batman was scarcely tolerated since he had established boundaries that he would not breach, the most important of which was 'Though Shalt Not Kill.' Simply believing that he has crossed that boundary would result in a significant shift in how he is handled. He's spent decades subduing the Joker without resorting to fatal force, and suddenly he's unable of doing so? Despite the fact that no one else is in danger? At that point, Batman is thought to have assumed the roles of Judge, Jury, and Executor. Then there are Bat Fanboys who would interpret this as license to do the same thing, which would likewise fall under Batman's jurisdiction. His environment would unquestionably get more hazardous.

Due to the actor's untimely demise in January 2008, at the age of 28, Ledger's portrayal of The Joker has been somewhat mythologized by fans, and thus the idea that he kept a secret âJoker diaryâ while preparing for the role may sound apocryphal. Indeed, Ledger kept a journal while preparing to perform the role. It includes cut imagery (Alex from A Clockwork Orange was prominently featured), stylistic annotations, and even parts from the screenplay rewritten in his own handwriting. In 2013, Ledger's father Kim disclosed the journal in a documentary, noting that his son performed immersive work similar to this for each part, but âreally dialed it upâ for The Joker. 6. MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL WAS NOT THE ONLY ACTRESS RACHEL DAWES CONSIDERED.

Itâ€TMs The Dark Knightâ€TMs iconic opening scene: five clown-mask-clad thieves stage an intricate bank robbery, rappelling onto the roof from a neighboring building, cutting the electricity, and splitting up to attack different portions of the structure. They discuss a strange man in make-up who hired them. And then something surprising occurs. They turn on one another one by one, each remarking something to the effect that the fewer gang members there are, the more money there is to go around. By the time the Joker tears off his mask to expose an even more horrific visage underneath, the villain's accomplices are all dead €” each duped into assassinating the other after completing their part of the Joker's scheme. It's an excellent opening sequence, evocative of the iconic robbery from Michael Mann's 1995 blockbuster Heat while also providing an early glimpse into how this specific iteration of the Joker thinks and plots.

When the series began, it was simply titled Batman: The Dark Knight, with a different subtitle for each issue (The Dark Knight Returns, Dark Knight Triumphant, Hunt the Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Falls), but when the series was collected in a single volume later that year, the title of the first issue was applied to the entire series, and has remained so ever since. Several early collected versions had the shorter series title as well. The narrative introduces Carrie Kelley as the new Robin and the Mutants, a vicious street gang. The events of The Dark Knight Returns and its accompanying titles were determined to take place on Earth-31 in the Pre-Flashpoint DC Multiverse[citation required]. The miniseries was followed by The Dark Knight Strikes Again and The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

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