Belgischer Schäferhund Malinois Polizeihunde Rassen

There are four distinct varieties of the Belgian Schferhund, each named after its origin location in Belgium: Laekenois, Tervueren, Groenendael, and Malinois. It is a case of hardworking Scherhunds from Belgium that have been recognized since the Middle Ages. In the 1890s, a professor at the Belgian Institute of Veterinary Medicine established standards for the several breeds of Belgian Schferhunds: The various ausprgations are all similar in kind, with the primary distinction being in the Fell. The Professor divided them into several varieties and urged them to see them as distinct Rassen. The Malinois was the first of the Belgischen Schferhunde to be developed as a Zucht-Type and rasserein gez14chtet. He was also the first to achieve widespread popularity.


The Chien de Berger Belge, as he is known in French, is an extremely bright dog that quickly grasps what is expected of him. He is also quite animated and responds quickly to your intrusions. This may be a benefit, but it may also be a disadvantage throughout his education, since one cannot let himself to make any errors.

Regrettably, the diagnosis of cerebellar ataxia is often made in childhood. This condition begins in the small intestine and manifests itself via symptoms such as disorganized movement patterns. Auch die R1ckenmark unterliegt regelmässig Veränderungen. Already between the ages of 4 and 7 weeks, it is possible to experience apparent imbalances, which should draw your immediate attention. Up to and including Krampfanflllen and ruckartiges Bewegen der Augen, all of these symptoms point to this severe affliction.

What does an adult dog require?

Unabhängig von diesen individuellen Kriterien, die Sie unbedingt beachten sollten, gilt für einen erwachsenen Hund die Faustregel, dass das Futter etwa 70% bis 80% Fleisch enthalten muss. Fleisch is the primary source of protein for the dog's development. To avoid allergens, you may also indulge in certain exotic meats like as Strauss, Knguru, or Waterb14ffel. Another critical nutrient is grains and fruit, which provide vital vitamins and nutrients to the four-legged friend. To s14es Obst and zu viel Kohlenhydrate sollten, however, be avoided, just as too much Getreide should be avoided. Absolute taboo in your dog's Futternapf are sugar and other sweeteners. Auch gesundheitsbewusstes Essen or andere Tischabflle are unsuitable for your four-legged companion. If you want to provide joy to your Scherhund, give him a special dog treat or, even better, take him out into nature and let him to express his natural movement.

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