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It's incredible to have a day similar to a lovely Thursday inside a week. That is why I always look forward to the weekend. Thursday morning is blessed with several benefits. Thursday is tomorrow. I have a lot of fun planned for the near future. I'm hoping you'll join me. I was overjoyed the last time we went out together. Today is a must-see!

Melissa is an ardent pastor, speaker, and student of the Bible. For over 18 years, she has been active in church and vocational ministry. Additionally, he founded Think About Such Things. She is passionate about equipping the Christians by assisting them in getting into the Word of God and falling deeper in love with Jesus. She also likes spending time with her family, cooking, and reading. She has lectured at churches in California, Oregon, Texas, and Mexico, and her work has been published in Guidepost and All Recipes magazines. Continue Readingâ

âWork first, then build,â is the wise King Solomon's instruction in this poem. This is a way of teaching that will ensure your success while constructing a home. In accordance with this advice, it is prudent to work and amass required resources prior to building a home. When we implement this method, it will guide us in obtaining and managing resources in such a way that we make less errors and lose less important time, effort, and resources.

From God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, we wish you grace and peace. 7bgracepeaceFather Romans 1:7bgracepeaceFather He raised his hands and blessed them as he led them out to the neighborhood of Bethany. While he was blessing them, he ascended into heaven. 24:50–51 Luke Jesusheavenascension

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