Big Sean Jhene Aiko Tattoo

Jhene and Sean had several ups and downs after their split. She openly defended him after the murder of his buddy, Nipsey Hussle, but then released a caustic song against Sean in May, titled âTriggered. Jhene, on the other hand, emphasized that she did not consider âTriggeredâ a âdiss track,â but rather a âmoment of talking s***. In July, Jhene appeared on Sean's song âSingle Again,â which was about his life after the breakup. They seem to have moved on from any controversy in 2019 and are back on good terms in 2020!

Jhen Aiko is marking the start of a new chapter in her life with a fresh tattoo of lover Big Sean.

The singer, who divorced producer Dot Da Genius last week, just received a huge arm tattoo of Big Sean dressed in a tuxedo, identical to the one he wore at this year's Elton John AIDS Foundation benefit, where he accompanied Aiko.

Only a few weeks ago, it was disclosed that she had finalized her divorce from producer Dot Da Genius, and now, to demonstrate her dedication to lover Big Sean, his face is displayed on her arm for everyone to see. The tattoo artist, @miryamlumpini, captioned the image, âArt is love, thank you Jhene for allowing me to share this moment. ”Advertisement

Jhen Aiko's divorce from producer Dot Da Genius was completed recently. The singer does not recall her time with Dot warmly, adding ""He abandoned the ship a long time ago. He wants to be the victim, and I will relinquish the role to his bitchass. I cheated solely on myself. I'm overjoyed to be rid of drugs, sadness, and conflict." With the divorce finalized, Big Sean and Aiko can now enjoy their romance without having to deal with any additional baggage. And maybe they will thrive in the future, since such a conspicuous tattoo would undoubtedly be a pain to remove. In the case, congratulations to Big Sean and Jhen Aiko. What are your thoughts on Jhen's recent move? Is it a romantic gesture, a possible L, or both?

Big Sean Jhene Aiko Tattoo Cover Up

Jhene Aiko Covers Numerous Tattoos, Including Big Sean's Face Jhene Aiko is devoted to her craft in several ways. The musician has been tattooed for some years and has chosen to add to his collection. However, she is unexpectedly covering all of her tattoos with fresh work by famous tattoo artist Miriyam Lumpini, including her ex-boyfriend Big Sean's whole forearm tat.

Sean and Jhene are not scared to express their devotion for one another and have no reservations about public demonstrations of affection. They've known each other since 2013 and collaborated on songs on multiple occasions. In 2016, the adorable pair collaborated on the album Twenty88. Sean did inform fans that a new Twenty88 album will be out in 2017. Perhaps we will get it before the end of the year. Until then, we'll continue to marvel at the love of one of music's loveliest couples.

Fans have been closely following the 30-year-old singer and her celebrity lover Big Sean's relationship status throughout the year, especially when a rumor emerged suggesting the rapper and Pussycat Dolls alum Nicole Scherzinger "cozied up" at an Oscars after-party in March.

He and Aiko, whom he began dating in 2016, have publicly refuted the charges. "Regrettably, none of your fan fiction tales are real... I still adore you, but "At the time, she spurned her on Twitter. Then, in May, Aiko tweeted a photo of herself with her tattoo artist at work on her back, captioning it, "Recognizing that ALL things are transient, I revel in this time."

âI believe so,â Sean said when asked whether the pair was working on another project. âI remember when I was playing [Time In] for Jay Electronica and he requested to hear it back to back. Collaborating with [Jhen] is one of the simplest things you've ever done, you know? When both of us are in a good mood, you know? Because when you're in a relationship, you might get irritable with one another.

Jhene Aiko Big Sean Tattoo Before And After

âI liked working with Jhen,â said Lumpini, who tattooed Jhen at her downtown Los Angeles private studio. âShe is fantastic. I'm thrilled that we collaborated on this idea. It was awe-inspiring to work on a concept that was so firmly founded in love. ” Aiko just released her fifth studio album, Trip, which debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200. She will promote the record on Lana Del Rey's âLA to the Moon Tourâ next year.

Meanwhile, Jhen was terrified that Drake would believe she had spoken ill of him. When she contacted Drake, all he replied was that she spent too much time on the Internet, which she couldn't agree with more. Fortunately, they were able to resolve the situation. Relationships with Jhen Aiko

This action re-ignited speculations that the couple was in legal trouble. After putting an end to split rumors earlier this year, Aiko took to Twitter to assure everyone that she and Sean are well. âi covered EVERY tat with a big ass Dragon with a Phoenix wing, giving life and light into a new cosmos. NEW ARTWORK! ABSENCE OF BEEF! She tweeted, âALL LOVE!

Jhene Aiko's divorce papers are still wet, as is the ink used to tattoo Big Sean's face on her arm!!!

Yes, the singer is sporting a fresh tattoo of her new boyfriend... only days after reclaiming her status as a single lady. Miryam Lumpini, called The Witchdoctor, a tattoo artist in downtown Los Angeles, displayed her work.

Jhene Aiko Big Sean Tattoo Cover

Miryam âThe Witchdoctorâ Lumpini, a famous tattoo artist, released a picture of one of her newest masterpieces on Monday, a tattoo of Big Sean on Jhen Aiko's arm. Above her elbow, the singer chose to have permanently tattooed with an image of her lover and creative partner Big Sean. Aiko previously married producer Dot Da Genius, who filed for divorce last week. Jhen Aiko and Big Sean began an official pair last year, after Aiko's separation from Dot Da Genius.

Jhen Aiko and Big Sean have remained eerily silent for the most of this year. They've been so silent that nobody is certain they're still together. Their split was alleged at the start of 2018, with gossipers speculating that one party was unfaithful. They did, however, remain loyal to one another, assuring their followers that they were still going strong. Both parties have been mostly silent in the public during the year, preferring to remain as private as possible. Jhen recently reactivated her social media accounts, and it seems as if she has covered up her tattoo of Big Sean's face. Previously, she tricked everyone by applying temporary ink to the image, causing everyone to go insane with their guesses. She does not seem to be playing at this moment, since she appears to have accomplished something at work. Her followers have been responding to the news, expressing their surprise that she covered over the tattoo. This update raises a significant question: Is Jhen and Sean no longer together?

In October 2017, Jhen unveiled a big image of Sean's face on her left forearm. In March, she unfollowed Sean on Instagram, sparking suspicions of a split. However, she refuted the rumors, referring to them as âfan fiction. âJhen intends to increase the amount of ink on her body. âI'm STILL adding to it becauseâ fuck yes pain,â she wrote.

According to Madame Noire, the singer of "While We're Young" has covered up her Big Sean tattoo. She was recently seen with fresh ink on her arm, which was put over her famed image of Sean wearing a bow tie. Naturally, the internet picked up on the cover-up and questioned her on social media about the two. While her statement did not specifically address the âBounce Backâ rapper, she made it plain that she is embarking on a new chapter in her life. âi covered EVERY tat with a big ass Dragon with a Phoenix wing, giving life and light into a new cosmos. NEW ARTWORK! ABSENCE OF BEEF! âALL LOVE!â she said on Twitter.

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