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Are you a fan of Bill Murray? The finest Groundhog Day quips, as rated by Murray fans. Groundhog Day, maybe the finest film of 1993, is a comedy drama about a self-centered, unpleasant reporter trapped in an unending cycle on Groundhog Day. He repeatedly repeats the same 24 hours without consequence, a novel notion for a comedy. He is first fearful, but soon sees the possibilities and chances that await him, until he understands that life is not all about him. Many of Groundhog Day's finest phrases come from humorous circumstances, but there are also some somber comments. Here are the finest lines from Groundhog Day, including "Ned! Ned Ryerson!"

I have nothing to fear. Fear is a mind-numbing emotion. Fear is the micro-death that results in utter annihilation. I shall confront my apprehension. I'm going to let it to travel over and through me. And after it has passed, I will use the inner sight to determine its course. There will be nothing where fear has vanished. I will be the only survivor.

5 | Caddyshack's Cinderella tale

Murray was cast as Carl Spackler, the gopher-hunting groundskeeper, in the 1980 golf comedy Caddyshack as a silent, Harpo Marxesque little part. However, by pure willpower, he extended it into a big subplot. Murray modified Spackler's efforts to eliminate the annoying rodent by shooting, drowning, and wiring the course with explosives. He invented the scenario in which he commented on his fictitious golfing win while whacking the heads off chrysanthemums from two lines of stage direction.

Early on in the proceedings, it seems as if the picture is running out of steam and ideas. After all, how can a film about a repeating day be anything other than repetitive? Fortunately, Groundhog Day is brimming with clever ideas, and it seizes every chance to introduce fresh developments and amusing surprises. The film is peppered with great speech, and Murray gets to portray one of his career's defining roles as a sarcastic, sharp-tongued misanthrope who eventually realizes his folly. Groundhog Day is an excellent picture that restores hope in the inventiveness that still exists behind Hollywood's depressingly flat surface.

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