Braided Updo Natural Hair Cornrow Styles 2020

Experimenting with your natural hair is always enjoyable, regardless of whether you're currently in the process of transitioning or have been loving your texture for as long as you can remember. Believe it or not, there are a plethora of effortless and low-maintenance hairstyles that look incredible on natural hair, however some of our favorites include braided hairstyles. As much as we adore protective styles like box braids, goddess locs, and fulani braids that maximize long-term wear by completely tucking your ends and keeping them free of manipulation, we also adore braided hairstyles that are equally stylish but require less commitment, are less expensive, and do not always require the assistance of a professional to install. We've compiled a list of our favorite fast and simple braided natural hairstyles that you can rock whether you're new to natural hair or a seasoned natural searching for a quick styling alternative. Check them out in advance.

For a hairstyle that incorporates all of the braiding abilities and methods, the cornrow in front, single braid in back is a lovely alternative. Side cornrows, double box plaits, and a single braid are all combined to create a complex and elegant finish. Additionally, you may combine cornrow styles with lemonade braids or Senegalese twists to create a stunning appearance.

#15: Braids with Twists in Smaller Sizes and a Bun

Who said braided styles couldn't include twists and wash-and-go elements? This stunning and genuine haircut serves as an excellent example. The mix of small cornrows, gold cuff beads, and twists creates a powerful statement, while the natural puff bun in the rear adds a fun and creative element. This is ideal if you don't want to have to pick between your favorite natural hairstyles!

Another pernicious label is the gleaming and fresh one. When we refer to a centuries-old style as "new," we are essentially erasing a whole community of individuals who should be able to claim ownership of that social currency. Additionally, it is a group that has been excluded from contributing to the aesthetic landscape and obliged to conform to the straight-haired ideal in order to fit in. âThe mainstream media must comprehend how far behind the eight ball we were. You cannot suddenly pretend as though we have been invited to the party the whole time,â Davis explains.

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