Cappadocia Cave Hotel With Hot Air Balloon View

This post contains affiliate links to items and services we recommend and may earn compensation on. Cappadocia (Kapadokya) is a tiny area of Turkey located in Central Anatolia. It is famous for its dreamlike environment and one-of-a-kind âfairy chimneysâ âconical, towering structures. Greme and Uhisa are the most popular places to stay in, since they are home to the majority of Cappadocia's greatest cave hotels.

The Mithra Cave Hotel, right next to the Sultan Cave Suites, also provides wonderful panoramic views of the hot air balloons, but accommodations are available at a discounted cost â check pricing at Mithra Cave Hotel!

While the rooftop of the Sultan Cave Suites offers a somewhat better view of the hot air balloons, the terraces at Mithra are an excellent, and frequently more affordable, alternative. Mithra also has a resident dog, and accommodations vary from simple cave chambers to two-bedroom cave suites.

And take it from a claustrophobe: I never felt a twinge of worry or terror throughout my visit – not in the tunnels, my suite, or any of the other rooms. With that stated, you may request a room that is specifically created for claustrophobic guests. Starting at 300 euros per night, rooms are available.

Cappadocia, in Turkey's Central Anatolia region, is an unearthly location that is at the top of many people' bucket lists. Natural valleys, rock formations, and caverns occur, with some of those caves having extensive chambers, churches, and even hotels dug out throughout the years by early Christians. If you are planning a vacation to Cappadocia, you are not need to stay in a standard hotel. Rather than that, you may stay in one of Cappadocia's cave hotels. These are complete hotels cut into the environment, allowing you to immerse yourself in the region's authentic culture and beauty. This list covers some of Cappadocia's most notable cave hotels. 10. Suites at Phocas Cave [SEE MAP]

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