Cast Of Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle Ming

The body-switching humor threatens to outstay its welcome (aha ha, the skinny geek suddenly resembles Dwayne Johnson, and the shy chick now has washboard abs!) , yet the performers take their roles as teens so seriously that the picture rides a wave of poker-faced solemnity, interspersed with moments of melancholy and super-broad humor. (With the exception of Dan Castellaneta's Homer Simpson, nobody screams in anguish quite like Kevin Hart.) At times, the picture may seem like the longest, most lavishly produced Saturday Night Live skit ever, replete with magnificent jungle settings (shot in part on location in Hawaii) and assaults by CGI hippos, rhinos, monkeys, and crocodiles. However, since the whole thing plays out like a 10-year-Disney old's Channel dream of what puberty would be like, it works rather effectively, particularly when accompanied with passionate debates about the game's rules (how many lives you get, how many levels there are, how to lift the curse from the land, etc).

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To be fair, the major concept of the film is that the Jumanji game is played on an old-school console, and so the film's clichés correspond to the gear's seeming age. However, it may not have been the best course of action. The nostalgic effect wears off soon, and the gaming humor devolves into a generic framework for standard action-adventure scenes. Current gaming is broad enough to supply lots of interesting narrative material, whether it's based on virtual reality, genuine open-sandbox titles, modern adventure games, or third-person action series that arguably handle cinematic storytelling better than certain blockbusters. If anything, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle's plot might have been better served as a video game in the first place. At the very least, the vintage features would have seemed more deliberate in that situation. After the nostalgia wears off, the game aspect devolves into a generic framework for action scenes.

Johnson arrived well-prepared to portray the imaginatively called avatar. âIt's Dr. Smolder Gravestone because I smolder throughout the film,â he chuckles. Additionally, he drew inspiration from a particularly distinctive screen icon. âIndiana Jones is one of my all-time favorite films. When I was eight years old, it was literally the movie that made me think, âWow, I want to do that! Not that I want to be an actor, but I aspire to be that person! As in, âThat person is cool!â âThat is why there are tributes to Harrison Ford and that film throughout the film,â adds Johnson, who even provided Bravestone with his own unique headgear. âHere is such a strange thing to say, but this is my tribute to Harrison. It's hung really low.â

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