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Until 1992, the UEFA Champions League was known as the European Champion Clubs' Cup or simply the European Cup. It is UEFA's primary and most prestigious club tournament. The yearly competition, which was inaugurated in 2009/10, normally begins in June with the preliminary round and concludes in late May or early June with the final. The group stage has 32 teams â 26 from domestic leagues and six from the preliminary round â with participants divided into eight groups of four. Each team plays its group stage opponents twice â home and road â and the top two teams in each group advance to the knockout round.

The UEFA Champions League's determinants

The UEFA Champions League is the highest level of European football, having replaced the Europacup of the Landesmeister since 1992. The Bundesliga champion and the Bundesliga's second-place finisher are eligible to compete; depending on the UEFA coefficient, the Bundesliga's third place finisher may also compete in the Champions League's group stage, provided the fourth-place finisher earns the right to compete in the Champions League's qualification games. "Champions League live on free television" is now being shown by the ZDF once a week. Sky broadcasts live coverage of all Real Madrid, AC Milan, and other matches.

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The Champions League's Achtelfinale pits Germany's and Austria's Serienmeisters FC Bayern and RB Salzburg against one another: Since nine years, the Munichers have held the national title, while the Salzburgers have had it for eight. At contrast to FC Bayern, who lost their Generalprobe against Aufsteiger Bochum by a score of 2:4, Salzburg won its Liga match in Vienna by a score of 2:1. FC Bayern München vs. RB Salzburg: Watch the Champions League's Achtelfinale live on TV & stream today.

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