Cilla Black Age At Death

Brian Epstein (back) with artists Cilla Black, Tommy Quickly (right), and Billy J Kramer at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, 21 March 1964. According to rumors, Cilla Black died at her home in southern Spain. PHOTO BY THE PRESS ASSOCIATION. Date of publication: Sunday, August 2, 2015. DEATH BLACK is a PA tale. The caption for the photograph should read: Stainless Steel Wire Cilla Black in a file picture taken on 17/9/2008 at the BFC Tent, Natural History Museum, London, during the Fashion for Relief presentation during London Fashion Week.

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Cilla Black, who died Friday at the age of 72, was a well-known television presenter to millions.

However, prior to her on-screen career, Cilla Black was a genuine pop sensation. She reached the top of the charts twice and had a streak of top-five songs after being signed by Brian Epstein and championed by The Beatles.

In an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan for an episode of Life Stories in 2009, she described how she blamed herself for her daughter's death, saying: "I was inconsolable, racked with guilt, mired in a melancholy from which I was certain there was no way out."

Robert, her eldest son, also served as her manager after his father Bobby's death in 1999.

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