Coughing Cat Meme Red Eyes

Armstrong told OprahMag.com she first saw the meme in August. "It was 'Boomers,' 'Millennials,' and 'Gen X,' with Megan Mullally of Will & Grace as a guest star. Karen is a fantastic character, and it was wonderful to experience a meme moment with her. Additionally, she and I were included in a great Halloween one. I assumed this would be the last scream meme... I never anticipated the flood of future memes." Armstrong's participation with individuals who tag her in their social media postings contributed to the meme's virality, particularly this clapback after she went unacknowledged for her contribution in meme history:

My only quibble is that the original picture is oddly cropped on the left ear. Apart from that, adhesion/durability are adequate €” not award-winning, but I was able to peel-off/reapply numerous times without difficulty; some adherence was lost after a few applications, but that's to be anticipated. Was that five dollars well spent? Most likely not. Am I going to cruise into work with this bad boy in the backseat, get looks from my colleagues, and revel in every minute of it? You are aware of it.

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