Dark Academia Aesthetic Room Decor

You may be wondering what dark academia is. It is a relatively new social media subculture focused on the enjoyment of great literature, the joys of study, and a thirst for knowledge. Dark academia is not a new décor style, but rather a synthesis of many already existing designs that highlight vintage institutions, expansive libraries, darkly lit workplaces with rich textures, and dark hues. Though there has been criticism of the exclusivity associated with the dark academia aesthetic and lifestyle in the past, the interior design that presently comprises this style is open to everyone â anybody may add their own twist and creativity to it, giving it whatever significance and symbolism they like. Basics of Dark Academic Decor

In essence, the dark academia aesthetic is centered on intellectual subjects. These characteristics include a quest for self-discovery, an insatiable appetite for knowledge, and an unwavering devotion to classic literature. However, there is more more to it than scholastic clothes and intelligent literature. Additionally, this style is connected with hidden organizations, perilous endeavors, and murder stories. It is heavily influenced by nineteenth-century upper-class European culture. Those that are attracted to it prefer to expand their knowledge on a variety of subjects. And possibly more often than not, have a crime fiction in hand. However, one does not have to hold secrets to get the ideal dark academia room decor makeover.

Today, we're shining a light on a dark and melancholy aesthetic trend that's infiltrating the world of interior design! It is dubbed âDark Academia.â While it may seem sinister, it is really about academia, literature, and the arts! (Hence, the term âacademia.â) The âdarkâ portion of the period refers to the deeper color palettes associated with this approach. (So, fear notâno training in âdefense against the dark artsâ is necessary to pull this look off!) The Dark Academia style is reminiscent of what you would see in the office of a 1950s professor at Cambridge or Oxford. Or a Gothic-era parlour, where the dark and enigmatic Mr. Rochester himself entertains. Or, if you're brave enough, even the Gryffindor common room! That is to say, it is a look rooted in history and nostalgia, tempered with a healthy dose of romanticism.


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