Dark Matter Tier List 2K21

The Plague Doctor is a lethal weapon against the opposing side. The Plague Doctor is adept at a variety of tasks. They have a high damage per second output, are effective controllers, and may repair status ailments in mid-combat. Additionally, the Plague Doctor benefits from a high speed stat, which enables her to pull comrades away from the brink of death before a fatal blow hits and to influence the flow of fight with her stun skills.

A disadvantage of alternative ideas is that observable evidence for dark matter comes from a variety of distinct sources (see the "observational evidence" section above). While each one observation may be explained, explaining them altogether in the absence of dark matter is very challenging. Nonetheless, alternative ideas have seen some isolated successes, such as a 2016 test of gravitational lensing in entropic gravity[172][173][174] and a 2020 measurement of a unique MOND effect. [175][176] While adjustments to general relativity might theoretically account for some of the observable evidence, there is definitely enough data to infer that some type of dark matter exists in the Universe. [177]

With the current PvP meta, her only purpose is as a damage dealer capable of shooting significant opponent threats or enemy team core troops. However, Luna, like every other DPS, is flimsy, despite the fact that she has retained her S2. Thus, she should be Swift to guarantee that she can take her turn before her adversaries can exploit her reduced survivability. The best team comp to pair with her is definitely Ise-Tama, since Tamarinne's 50% CR is sufficient to propel even the slowest Luna to the front. Her S1 may do significant damage and accelerates her cooldown reduction. Kitty Clarissa, Tamarinne, or Lilias all have the potential to be her ideal companion. Luna may be employed on the Defense team (prefer Guild War Defense), since her S3 has an Element advantage, which means she cannot be baited by a Fire tanky unit and can one-shot anybody on her first turn. V. Construct

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