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When I had an Android phone, I used that picture for one of my Google accounts; I don't recall making it my outlook profile photo. Now that I'm using an iOS device, I don't have any Google accounts on my phone. When I check my contacts on contacts.google, I see both my own and the unwelcome profile image, along with the message "from google account."

I utilize Chrome's new built-in "Users" functionality to simply move between Home and Work accounts. Chrome, on the other hand, remembers the "last" user profile you used to start new windows. This is an issue if I shut my "Home" profile last, since the Email shortcut on my taskbar then goes to mail.mycompany.com using my Home profile, and I am not signed in. I'd want to modify the shortcut to the business webmail such that it includes an option instructing Chrome to always start as the "Default" user, regardless of the previous user used.

You have the option of changing the number of participants shown on your screen. The number of tiles shown may vary according on the width of your browser window. Join a video meeting using a computer. Click More at the bottom. Modify the arrangement. Select an option: Meet automatically selects a view for you. By default, your screen will display nine tiles.: The view that Meet selects for you. By default, your screen will display nine tiles. Tiled: The view that can display up to 49 persons simultaneously. By default, your screen will display 16 tiles. At the bottom, adjust the slider to the desired amount of tiles shown on your screen. Until you modify it, the number of tiles you choose remains the default for subsequent meetings.

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