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Definition, Origin, and Examples of the Phrase "Devil's Advocate" Approximately two hours ago Gingersoftware.com Provide details The Devil's Advocate. The âDevil's Advocateâ is someone who claims to be against a concept or plan that a large number of people favor in order to get others to examine and explore the issue in more depth during an argument or discussion. Utilization example: âSo you think Canadians are affable? I'm going to play devil's advocate and assert that Example of a devil's advocate Additional information Devil's Advocate: Definition, Synonyms, and Origin + 9 Illustrations Approximately 9 hours ago Grammarhow.com In general usage, playing devil's advocate refers to a situation in which someone, when confronted with a particular point of view, adopts a position with which they do not generally agree (or merely an alternative to the accepted norm) for the purpose of argument or further exploration of the thought using valid reasoning that both conflicts with the topic. Questions involving the devil's advocate Additional information

The devil's advocate, Latin advocateus diaboli, was a historic Roman Catholic Church post known as the Promoter of the Faith (Latin: promotor fidei), who conducted a critical examination of an individual's life and alleged miracles prior to his or her beatification or canonization. He was dubbed the devil's advocate since his presentation of facts contained everything negative about the candidate in order to expose any character faults or misrepresentations of their heroic sanctity-filled existence. The word is often used to refer to somebody who advocates for an unpopular subject purely for the sake of debate. Pope Leo X seems to have coined the phrase in the early 15th century, although Sixtus V officially created the post in 1587. When Pope John Paul II altered the canonization processes in 1983 with Divini Perfectionis Magister, the office's position was considerably diminished, and the promotor fidei now has minimal influence over the proceedings.

The Devil's Advocate is a slang term. It is one of the most often used phrases in written English. The Devil's Advocate is a term used in the Roman Catholic Church to refer to a canon lawyer hired by the Church to argue against a nominated candidate's canonization. Explore Urdupoint to get other common idioms and idiom definitions to bolster your articles.

Previously held a position of authority within the Catholic Church

The advocatus diaboli (Latin for Devil's advocate) was a former official position within the Catholic Church, known as the Promoter of the Faith, who "argued against a candidate's canonization (sainthood) in order to expose any character flaws or misrepresentation of the evidence supporting canonization."


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