Dublin Bay South By Election

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âI think that these values, Labour values, must influence the destiny of our nation and continent over the next decade â and I aim to contribute, together with you, to changing Irish society via the application of these values.

âOver the coming weeks, I hope to meet with constituency organizations and speak with councillors, area representatives, and members to outline my vision and to solicit your input on how a united and re-energized Labour Party can reclaim its position as the leading centre-left force in Irish politics.â

On Thursday, 8 July 2021, a by-election was conducted in the Dilireann seat of Dublin Bay South in Ireland to replace the vacancy created by the departure of Fine Gael TD Eoghan Murphy.

[1] Senator Ivana Bacik of the Labour Party won the by-election. [2] Ireland's Dublin Bay South seat will see a by-election in 2021.

Others place a premium on the extreme right's tactics and electoral outcomes. Naturally, they will lose the election. Justin Barrett, the National Party's leader and DBS candidate, has said as much. Rather than that, DBS serves as a proving ground for radical thought that is perceived to be beyond the mainstream. The DBS by-election will become a barometer of precisely how much a very wealthy suburb of Dublin can accept bigotry. And, from here, the extreme right will take what it has learned and apply it on a national scale. A history marred by failure

Dublin Bay South By Election Results

Duncan Smith and Aodhan O Riordain, both of whom were considered probable competitors, have already declared themselves out of the race. Ms Bacik writes in a letter to party councillors seen by the PA news agency: âI write to you after Saturday's executive board meeting to agree on the procedure for choosing a new leader of our party.

[edit] The Green Party

Byrne campaigned on increasing housing standards, improving waste and recycling provisions, providing "multipurpose venues" to create and revitalize a "sustainable night-time economy," and serving as a female representative in a constituency devoid of female Teachta Dla, stating "I truly believe that only women can effectively represent women."


Date of Election: November 3, 2020 | Updated at 1:40 PM EST 26 January 2021 The Senate has 35 seats up for election, 23 of which are held by Republicans and 12 by Democrats. Democrats would need a net gain of three or four seats in the Senate to achieve a majority, which Republicans now hold with 53 senators. Democrats have 45 senators, while two independent senators join the Democratic caucus.

Bloomberg News uses our own turnout model to estimate the percentage of total votes counted. This figure is more difficult to determine than in previous years due to the increased number of persons voting absentee or by mail rather than at their precinct on Election Day. Even when the vote totals hit 100%, the count is not conclusive. When turnout exceeds the model's estimate, values might surpass 100%. At the moment, total vote projections are based on historical voter turnout, however this assumption may vary during the night based on early turnout data.

Dublin Bay South By-Election 2021

The Electoral (Amendment) (Dil Constituencies) Act 2013 created it. [1] The seat encompasses the whole of the previous Dublin South-East constituency, as well as land from Dublin South-Central, namely Terenure and Harold's Cross. Dublin Bay South was created as a symmetry with the newly created Dublin Bay North constituency. [2] [3] The Electoral (Amendment) (Dil Constituencies) Act 2017 establishes the following definition of constituency: [4]

Labour leader Alan Kelly thanked Bacik, saying that he feels the Fine Gael vs Sinn Fein storyline has been disproven, with the election establishing Labour as a legitimate progressive, left-wing alternative.


[120] While analysts lauded Bacik for a well-managed campaign, they questioned Labour's ability to replicate its success in a general election. Bacik's triumph was seen as a lifeline for the Labour party. Alan Kelly, Labour leader, proclaimed "We'll take the pleasant days. We've had our share of horrible days ", in reference to the outcome. [122] Ivana Bacik said that she had gotten significant support from those who are not Labour members but share Labour principles, and that she was cognizant of the tradition established by previous local Labour TD Ruair Quinn during his tenure. [113] Sinn Fin leader Mary Lou McDonald lauded their candidate Lynn Boylan's efforts while declaring her conviction that the by-election outcome showed to her that the time had come to call a general election. McDonald remarked, âIt is now quite evident that our government is operating on borrowed time. It is very evident that the constituency's support for the government has dwindledâ. [123] [124]

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In by-elections to fill vacancies on Vocational panels, the electorate is limited to Oireachtas members, who will consist of 160 TDs and 58 Senators. A candidate must get the signatures of nine TDs and/or Senators in order to be nominated. On 7 April, ballot papers were distributed, and the polls closed at 11 a.m. on 21 April. All ballots were sent in and tallied using the single transferable vote. Under this approach, voters may rank candidates in order of preference, with 1 being their first choice, 2 representing their second choice, and so on. Ballots are originally assigned a value of 1,000 to facilitate the computation of quotas (Droop quotas) in the event of a surplus.

Dublin Bay South By Election Odds

âMy campaign is centered on three primary objectives, one of which is increasing the number of houses created for young people in order to address the generational challenge. Ireland has traditionally been a nation that values opportunity equality, and I want to guarantee that this continues.â The councillor said that he wants to provide affordable housing for younger people and mentioned that he voted in favor of the OâDevaney Gardens development in Dublin 7 despite Sinn Fin's opposition.

âOver the next several days, I plan to meet with a large number of more councillors, area representatives, and party members to solicit your feedback on the party's future orientation and to solicit support for my candidacy.â

Ms Bacik is anticipated to be the lone contender in the campaign for the party's leadership, which has suffered in recent surveys.

Byrne is confident she will be nominated.

Claire Byrne is Chu's primary opponent for the Green party nomination. The Green Party councillor is almost certainly backed by the party's leader. As a result, she is optimistic that her campaign will succeed. Additionally, her prospects of winning the seat are 17 to one. However, what happens inside the Green Party in the next days remains to be seen.

Brigid Purcell fought for pollution reduction in the region, as well as against the temporary closure of Portobello Plaza, which Dublin City Council said was shut down owing to anti-social behavior and a disrespect for COVID-19 rules.

[101] Purcell said at her formal campaign launch on 17 June 2021 that she would advocate for workers and renters and discussed her personal experiences as a worker, including her own encounter with sexual harassment in the Irish hospitality industry. [102] Purcell staged 'open air' public forums around the constituency with Gino Kenny and Paul Murphy in favour of rent regulation. [104]

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