Dust And Scratches Overlay Transparent

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Whether you're attempting to recreate the ideal vintage appearance or just conceal some badly shot film, dust overlays are available in a range of designs to fit your requirements. Creating these lovely, organic film dust effects from scratch would take hours, so why not download some of these useful templates and utilize the time saved to be creative? Over 20 Grungy & Grubby Dust Overlays & Textures in Part 1

Textures exist to further elevate the sophistication of photographs, artwork, and the like. We've included an incredible sample here called the dust and noise overlay texture. This texture is great for giving your design an old, worn-out, or retro appearance. The bundle includes six high-quality files with resolutions ranging from 4000 to 3000 pixels. They may also be utilized creatively as backdrops for personal and business projects. We'd like to express our gratitude to Graphic Burger for providing us with this incredible creative resource. For additional information, see their website.

This free texture collection comprises five files with varying degrees of dust and scratches. The download package includes two kinds of files: high-resolution 300ppi JPEG pictures for distressing and aging your photos in Photoshop, and the same textures traced into vector format for putting filthy markings to your illustration work. How to utilize Photoshop's textures

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