Easy Drawing Ideas Hot Air Balloon

A Valentine's Day card that will stand out from the crowd If you're interested in creating a unique voucher for your Valentine or even flying away together to seventh heaven, this is the Valentine's card for you. The innovative aspect of this card design is the 3D effect created by the hot air balloons. The two balloons are composed of various colored paper hearts that were used to design the card. The edding 1200 color pens are ideal for adding a splash of color. What makes them unique? Six beautiful metallic colours are offered in these famous fibre pens. The nib is very soft and provides an opaque, powerful color. Metallic color pens work well on light-colored paper, but they stand out even more against a dark background. Once your design is complete, you can continue using the edding 1200 metallic color pens to write the message. Simply unscrew the cover, begin customizing, and follow your ideas!

Step 7 of the Hot Air Balloon sketch Draw four straight lines descending from the balloon's skirt, parallel but not connected. A straight, horizontal line should be used to connect them. This indicates the location of the balloon's burners, the source of heat that keeps it aloft. Step 8 of the Hot Air Balloon sketch 8. âââ âââ Enclose a trapezoid under the burners. Enclose a rectangle underneath the trapezoid. This creates the balloon's basket, which is where the passengers ride. Then, surround the balloon with clouds. Use a sequence of curving lines to encapsulate a fluffy form in each cloud.

These tulle balloons are a dream for any wedding cake table, baby shower or pastel themed summer celebration.

Very important: if you want them to float, use big balloons (30 or 36 inches), high-quality helium, and tulle that is quite lightweight. Smaller balloons often get trapped in the tulle and will not float.

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