Efforts Are Always Better Than Promises Meaning In Hindi

One approach to think about a person's social environment is to imagine that they have an inner circle of individuals with whom they communicate regularly and feel close, and an outside circle of acquaintances with whom they interact seldom or fleetingly. Granovetter coined the terms âstrong tiesâ and âweak tiesâ for these groups. His primary conclusion was that when it comes to fresh information and ideas, we value weak relationships more than strong ones. Granovetter examined 282 Boston-area employees and discovered that the majority obtained employment via personal connections. However, only a handful obtained the work via a close friend; 84 percent obtained the position through weak-tie ties, which refer to casual acquaintances whom they met relatively seldom. As Granovetter noted, those with whom you spend a great deal of time share the same pool of knowledge as you do. We rely on pleasant strangers to inform us about possibilities beyond our personal networks, and hence the more of these contacts we have, the better.

Customers' pricing sensitivity is likely to vary significantly. For example, a printing press maker discovered that daily newspaper publishers are ready to pay a premium for fast repair service due to the time-sensitive nature of their product, but book publishers, who are less time constrained, can afford to be more price careful. Program of Customer Service

Being truthful to your spouse also promotes good communication, which is required for a relationship to work. Couples must be able to communicate frankly and authentically with one another; this is what genuine connection is all about. This commitment to honesty also implies that both parties will take the initiative to address any tension, conflict, or problem that arises in the relationship, bringing it to their partner's attention for dialogue. âRelationships thrive when partners trust one another to be truthful and receptive to dispute resolution,â relationship counselor Margaret Paul, Ph.D., recently told mbg. âOn the other side, when trust is violated, relationships implode.â

"Reasonable Commercial Efforts"

Since 1999, several dozen reported cases have considered contracts including the term "commercially reasonable endeavors." However, the entirety of this sentence has received little judicial scrutiny. Given the law on "best efforts" and "reasonable efforts," the critical issue is whether "commercially reasonable" indicates a lower or higher threshold than "reasonable efforts." That is, is "commercially reasonable efforts" limited to actions that are commercially acceptable, resulting in a less onerous requirement, or does "commercially" raise the bar to a level closer to "best efforts," but only in a commercial context? This is a debatable point.

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