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In action, Wilfred Rhodes (121). The time from 1890 and the outbreak of World War I is referred to as the Golden Age of cricket. It witnessed the likes of CB Fry (95), the Indian Prince Ranjitsinhji (105) and captains Stanley Jackson (82), Archie MacLaren (92) and Plum Warner (118) as major figures in an age lauded by Neville Cardus and others. In actuality, it was not nearly the golden era of the amateur as Cardus described it. By foregoing county cricket to play in the Lancashire leagues, Sydney Barnes (129) became the highest-paid cricketer. However, the sheer number of greats, like Jack Hobbs (157), Tom Hayward (97), Gilbert Jessop (122) and Wilfred Rhodes (121) ensures that the era will always have a special place in the hearts of English cricket fans. It was also an age during which Bernard Bosanquet (137) devised the googly and Tip Foster (138) became the only man to lead England in both cricket and football, while Rhodes had the longest-ever Test career at 30 years, 10 months, and 11 days.

The following is a list of notable cricketers from the United Kingdom, arranged alphabetically with photographs of the players where available. Over the years, the United Kingdom has produced several really great cricket players, including slips, sweepers, and wicketkeepers. These are some of the greatest British cricket players of all time; hence, if you're a resident of the United Kingdom and want to play professional cricket, these individuals should be your heroes. If you're looking for a certain popular cricket player from the United Kingdom, you may use the "search" box to locate them. Joseph Williams, Tim Bresnan, and others are included on the list.

Wasim Akram 3

Wasim Akram, the most renowned Pakistani cricketer, is known as the King of Swing. Akram is widely recognized as the finest fast bowler in cricket history. With 881 wickets in List A cricket, he holds the global record. He was the first bowler in ODI cricket to achieve 500 wickets. In 2002, Akram was recognized as the greatest ODI bowler of all time. Akram is regarded as the World's Best Captain. In 104 tests and 22 One-Day Internationals, he earned 17 Man-of-the-Match honours. In international cricket, he scored four hat-tricks. Akram struck 12 sixes in the innings, the greatest by any batsman in a test innings.

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