Florian Silbereisen Freundin Julia Lindholm

Perhaps Florian Silbereisen has made a new friend who is not visible to the public eye and has a completely regular b14rgerliche life. For such a woman, entering the media world would almost certainly spell the end of her professional career, as the paparazzi would immediately go on the hunt. Naturally, it is also true that it is very difficult to keep a relationship hidden from the public eye under these circumstances. It's always exciting, and we're anticipating Florian Silbereisen's upcoming presentation of his new love (if there is one).

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The 158-meter-tall Power-Frau sprang up in the southern Swedish port city of Karlskrona, only a few streets from from âBrndaholmâ, the world's maybe most beautiful little garden colony. Julia is determined, wants more than this small-town paradise, and is drawn into Stockholm's central business district. There she studies singing, musical theatre, and dance and quickly establishes a reputation for her mezzosoprano voice. Julia demonstrates her skill in the musicals âDie Hochzeitssängerâ and âFrauen a der Grenze des Nervenzusammenbruchsâ.

Silbereisen's grandiose plan for fame, however, never materialized, as he admits in an interview: âRaus von der Heimat and darüber hinaus in die große Stadt? This moment never occurred to me. In opposition. I am a true Landei and adore my home. As a teenager, I participated in every village festival, wedding, and birthday, and had a blast doing so. That I may one day stand on the colossal B14hnen was a fantasy, but not my plan.â

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