Florian Silbereisen Joko Winterscheidt Traumschiff

Florian Silbereisen joins the ZDF as a new captain, bringing a breath of fresh air to the dream ship. Dabei assists him even his âBruderâ. Joko Winterscheidt will be responsible for a few rogues in this new installment of the cult series. Generally, the ZDF-Traumschiff may be expected to host a few illustrious guests. Linda Evans, Marianne Sgebrecht, and Motsi Mabuse are also in attendance. Joko Winterscheidt portrays Florian Silbereisen's brother.

For 38-year-old television host Florian Silbereisen, a new chapter in his life begins with the âTraumschiff.â âMein ganzes Leben hat sich verschoben,â he said in an interview published by the ZDF on Tuesday. âI had to re-plan everything. I am fully aware of and enjoying this new phase. âSilbereisen has been appointed as Sascha Hehn's successor as Chef of the ZDF-Kultdampfer. Max Parger fhrt with dem âTraumschiffâ am zweiten Weihnachtstag nach Antigua und a Neujahr nach Kolumbien. He said that he intended to bring together âas a new Captain Stars and Gste from various generations on the,Traumschiffâ.

Always schn, when one may begin a new job with a little R1ckenwind. On the other hand, if something is made simple for someone, it is also not a skill. Without a doubt, the Maelstrom of Mistrust and Abnegation that Florian Silbereisen faces in his role as "Traumschiff"-Kapitan Max Parger is unfathomable. Not just from the crowded social media platforms, but also from the networks of colleagues and predecessors. "Fehlbesetzung," snarled the former Chefstewardess Heide Keller as she emerged from the Unruhestand. Too immature, inexperienced, and untrained â es ist eine wunderbare Idee des Stammautors J14rgen Werner, die Kapitänsfigur auf einer Premierenfahrt nach Antigua mit vielen jener Vorw14rfe zu konfrontieren, which even the Darsteller had to endure. For the first time in the history of the ZDF-Traditionsdampfers, the ship's captain has a teammate. Staff-Kapitn Martin Grimm (Daniel Morgenroth), who served as a kind of interim captain after the death of Captain Victor Burger (Sascha Hehn unambiguously: "By the end, the dramatic errors were unavoidable"), could make his own hopes on the highest-ranking officer on board. Until just before the graumelated Seemann leaves the Kapitnskaj14te, a lssiger Jungspund with a light matrosenattit14de enters the Kommandobr14cke.

Florian Silbereisen wird immer wieder auf dem Traumschiff angesprochen.

However, the journey does not seem to be as stressful as it appears. Thus, Winterscheidt may also partake in the pleasures of the cross-country journey. Delicious food, relaxation, and reading. There are no issues with his plot. Und wenn es then zu Drehszenen kommt, dürften sie schn witzig sein. Additionally, since it often results in confusion.

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