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Not long ago, two female students at Florida State shared a room. One was a reserved, âFelicityâ type, while the other was a brash virgin who operated a phone sex line to help pay for college. After a decade, the quiet one (Lauren Miller) relocated to Hollywood, married Seth Rogen, and reconnected with an old acquaintance (Katie Anne Naylon) to discuss film ideas. For a Good Time, Call became a reality, and the hilarious and foul-mouthed buddy female comedy is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. Our review after the jump. The setup is well-known. Two polar opposites find themselves cohabiting and discovering the pleasures of the other's companionship. Lauren (Miller) is the prim and perfect girl who has been deserted by her adventure-obsessed lover, dismissed from her job, and left homeless. Katie (the endearing Ari Graynor) is the unemployed girl who lives in rent-controlled Manhattan luxury courtesy of her now-deceased Bubbie. When the price of the pad is going to increase, their homosexual best friend convinces the adversaries to set aside their disagreements and assist one another. The twist: a phone sex line serves as the glue that holds them together.


The film's storyline then develops in the manner of a female-centric Risky Business. Two vintage fuchsia princess cellphones and a special number: 1-900-MMM-HMMM are acquired by the girls. Soon, they get so many calls that they are forced to recruit a second phone-sex worker, a little, baby-voiced lady endowed with an uncanny ability to spew innovative filth (played to a T by the magnificently named Sugar Lyn Beard). Though she likes her work as company manager, the (relatively) straight-laced Lauren begins to wonder whether she shouldnât try her hand at being on the receiving end of phone calls once in a while, and Katie instructs her in the art of delivering a nice phone call in a giddily filthy montage.

Clearly, the photograph is of Wei Ying. It contains far more of Wei Ying than Lan Zhan is used to seeing. He assumes that Wei Ying is dressed technically. It's a technicality, since one of Wei Ying's hands has rucked up his black tank top almost to his collarbone, revealing a large stretch of abdomen and a single nipple. Sweat droplets on his sternum, glistening like gems in the sunlight. His other hand is on his hip, one thumb pushing down the waistband of a pair of crimson briefs—Lan Zhan feels his eyes widen, as if unable to look away from a train accident. Wei Ying looks sensuous, his eyes dark and tempting, biting his bottom lip and staring right into the camera. His erection is plain to see, highlighted against the red briefs and delicately framed with his palm on his hip. Lan Zhan's mind becomes completely blank, screamingly so. Or, Lan Zhan discovers his closest friend's OnlyFans account by mistake and suffers from an ongoing emotional turmoil.

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