Freundin Leonie Nico Santos Freundin 2019

I was there at all times when Nico sat on a couch in the corner of the room and kuschelte with a lady. I did not recognize the lady as Nicos's new friend until someone informed me that she was Aileen. âNach der Umarmung schienen sie sich gerade verliebt,â said a Promiwood fan. However, the Brautpaar is not prepared for everyone. Neither of them has yet publicly acknowledged their new relationship on Instagram. Manuel Neuer's wife Nina is still friends with Aileen, despite Nina's absence from "The Voice." Freundin Nico Santos

Nico Santos (* 7. Januar 1993 in Bremen as Nico Wellenbrink) is a German singer-songwriter who has achieved success with songs such as Home (with Topic), Rooftop, and Safe since 2016. As a co-author, he contributed to titles on Bushidos and Shindy's album Cla$$ic, Mark Forster's single We Are Big, and Helene Fischer's single Achterbahn. He was born in Bremen in 1993, the son of Egon and Lisa Wellenbrink. Susanna, his father's first wife, and their daughter Mia-Sophie are also accomplished actresses. Shortly after his birth, his parents relocated to the Spanish island of Mallorca with him. He attended the Es Capdell Grundschule, where he was educated in addition to his native language of German in Spanisch and Katalanisch.

Nico Santos is well-known as a calm, young Pop singer who has captivated audiences with his many Good-Laune-Hits and endearing demeanor. The singer, whose real name is Nico Wellenbrink, is not without talent. His parents were also successful musicians. Nico, sofern buchstblich bereits in die Wiege gelegt, had an incredible shimmering color. Additionally, his niece, Mia-Sophie Wellenbrink, is featured in the media. Nico made his breakthrough in 2017 with,,Rooftopââ and has been on a roll ever since. Thus, he conquered not only the charts, but also the hearts of several females. In 2020, we were able to see,,Shouting from the Rooftopââ-Singer Nico Santos at,,Sing my song â Das Tauschkonzertââ on VOX and as the winner of the,,Free ESCââ on television. Particularly his passionate and romantic side was on display there. However, to whom does the Snger's heart belong? Leonie Hagedorn is Nico Santos' ex-girlfriend.

Nico Santos has been a secretive figure in his private life since he was a child. Thus, the appearance of Nico Santos and his damalige Freundin Leonie Hagedorn at the âBambiâ-Verleihung in November 2019 is all the more anticipated. Self-consciously, the Snger and the h14bsche Zahnmedizinerin stepped into the camera for the Journalists and invited the world to share in their young Gl14ck. Leonie confides entirely in Plauderlaune that the relationship is no longer as new as previously assumed: âWe are approaching the four-year mark!â However, it should remain there as well! Nico Santos was briefly separated from his long-time friend. Im Gesprch mit âBunteâ er spter: "Die Trennung erfolgte bereits zwischen uns beiden. It was a rather lengthy up and down."

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