Full Grown Belgian Malinois Husky Mix

While their possessive personality and strong bite force make them excellent security dogs, it is prudent to watch youngsters near this breed. If you want to combine a Belgian Malinois with children or infants in your house, keep in mind that compatibility is highly dependent on early and consistent training and socialization, as well as a thorough grasp of this breed's temperament. Other animals, strangers, and abrupt movements all have the potential to frighten this vigilant, aware canine. Additionally, keep in mind that the Belgian Malinois dog breed has a naturally strong prey drive, which means they will pursue moving things (think children, vehicles, cats, and other dogs), necessitating a firm hand and enough obedience training. Raising a Belgian Malinois puppy is a joyful experience, in part because of their intelligence and trainability. If you choose this breed as your own, you will immediately understand why their dependability and razor-sharp intelligence are so highly regarded.

How are you? My name is Justin. I am a gentle guy who want to spend time with someone who is ready to educate and train me to become the dog I was destined to be. I am intelligent and nice. I adore my kennel buddy Frida, and if you had space for both of us, that would be ideal...

If you have children, educating your dog and children to be respectful of one another can resolve the majority of these concerns. Beluskies make excellent playmates, running partners, and adventure buddies. If your family is really active, these dogs will fit right in. Your Belusky will be fiercely protective of your home and its inhabitants. They appreciate their owners and are quite serious about their guard dog jobs. They will not miss a tap at the door or a passing visitor. You may have noticed they are always on guard, waiting for any possible danger to manifest.

Cat Attractive Which dog is more tolerant to cats? Which is better, a Belgian Malinois or a Siberian Husky? Belgian Malinois are often tolerant with cats. The Siberian Husky is not a cat-friendly breed of dog. Canine-Friendly Which dog is more tolerant to other dogs? Which is better, a Belgian Malinois or a Siberian Husky? Belgian Malinois are often sociable with other dogs. Siberian Huskies are very dog-friendly.

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