Genshin Impact Hu Tao Quotes

I have a well-built XQ, Zhong, and Suc/Vent that I could pair her with, and if I drew Thoma, I'd probably construct him and toss him in there as well. I have enough for a guaranteed banner 5, c1 or c0 + r1 if I am lucky. Additionally, I have a large number of spear users, so Homa is rather enticing. However, being practical, I lose my 50/50 and can only obtain c0. Is she on a level with my Raiden and Ayaka, or is she worse?

In terms of weaponry, Staff of Homa is reported to be a weapon that will be issued under Hu Tao's banner and will be her best in slot weapon. Crescent Pike has a strong chance of becoming the weapon of choice in place of the staff of homa. Otherwise, it's suggested to choose a secondary/passive weapon that does crit damage, given her ascension benefit is crit damage.

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