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The pace is perfect. It begins slowly and progressively accelerates throughout the novel, which is the perfect pacing technique for a ghost tale. Slow and melancholic, then quick and frantic, like a rollercoaster. The novel is intricate, detailed, and layered to the point that it's impossible to discern where one narrative starts and another finishes. It's an educated work that pays homage to the genre's forefathers, not just in terms of literary technique â it reads something like Dracula, with its alternating POVs and plenty of information â but also in terms of subject matter. This is the kind of book that Poe and Lovecraft would likely love. The evil we encounter here is ubiquitous. Nobody is safe in town. The mood is soaked in misery and pervades every page. It's a genuinely wonderful, dramatic, and frightening book, and one that I'd suggest to everyone who appreciates a good ghost tale.

Let us begin with the most fundamental issue confronting anybody writing a ghost story: does your ghost genuinely exist? Perhaps another explanation will emerge: the person seeing the ghost is becoming insane, or is being driven insane by someone else. Perhaps the ghost is a representation of sadness, or it is a ruse perpetrated by a criminal who will be revealed when you rip off the white sheet like Scooby-Doo? This one is impossible to falsify. In the case of Platform Seven, I addressed that issue from the beginning by having the whole work narrated by a ghost 3⁄4 that of a young lady who died on Peterborough train station and is bound there until the mystery behind her death is revealed. This posed further complications, since what could my ghost possibly do? Could she manipulate items and pass through solid walls?

Apart from that, it's a pretty well-written book that makes for an enjoyable read if approached with the proper mindset. I believe it is the ideal book for reading a few chapters each evening before bed â it will not keep you up all night, but you will return for more.

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