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Nonetheless, his captor, master sorcerer Satoru Gojou, has other intentions for him: he will enroll at Jujutsu High School and learn to manage Rika in order to aid others. Yuuta, now a first-year student at this institution, begins learning Jujutsu skills and how to resist malignant entities. With the help of his new classmates Maki Zenin, a Jujutsu weapons expert; Toge Inumaki, a spellcaster who uses his words as weapons; and Panda, a seemingly walking and talking panda bear, Yuuta begins to find his place in the world and, for the first time in his life, to feel comfortable with his abilities. However, as his training continues, Yuuta discovers that the perils of the Jujutsu realm extend well beyond evil spirits. [Assembled by MAL Rewrite]

A common tendency in anime is for scary characters to sometimes exhibit mild characteristics, creating an interesting contradiction. Satoru Gojo is an example of this, since he is a master of cursed energy manipulation, yet he is often seen munching on sweet sweets, much like a kid who values their dessert. Satoru Gojo, strangely, began consuming sweets just to enhance his intellect. This worked for him, but his operation was so comprehensive that Satoru now has just a mildly pronounced sweet appetite. 1 He Is A Digimon Fan

Gojo was designed by Gege Akutami to be a powerful yet appealing figure who is invested in his pupils. In MAPPA's animated versions, he was voiced by Y«ichi Nakamura in Japanese and Kaiji Tang in English. Gojo has been a very popular character, appearing not just in Jujutsu Kaisen polls but also in general anime polls. Critics praised the way he is represented in manga and anime for his ability to strike a balance between being a forceful instructor and a pleasant guy. Conceptualization and conception [adjust]

He is regarded as a joke throughout the most of the Shibuya arc, but eventually has a badass moment to demonstrate why he is a Grade-1 sorcerer, only to have his time cut short by the appearance of Sukuna.

Jerkass Is Correct: His extreme reluctance to engage in combat with the Special-Grade Disaster Curses is undoubtedly self-centered, given the responsibility that comes with functioning as a Sorcerer. However, can you really blame him for not wanting to approach Mahito?

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