Good Morning Friday Motivational Quotes For Work

âFailure is merely a chance to restart intelligently.â âHenry Ford âOur greatest greatness does not come from never falling, but from rising each time we do. ” — Confucius âIf you alter your perspective on things, the objects you see will change as well.â — Wayne Dyer âWe must extend a hand of kindness and respect to those who want to befriend us as well as those who choose to be our adversary. ” â Arthur Ashe âIt is appropriate to celebrate achievement, but it is more important to learn from failure.â Gates, Bill Quotes that inspire

35. It makes no difference how much money you have or how clever people are above you. What important is your internal tranquillity. If you're happy on Friday, make a point of being cheerful throughout the week, since happiness promotes health. 36. As long as you breathe and develop each day, even if it is a little amount, you are making an attempt. Maintain movement, even if it is just a single step at a time. Our lives come to an end when we cease to develop. Have a lovely Friday.

It is not what you own, who you are, where you are, or what you do that determines whether you are happy or miserable. It is what you consider. Carnegie, Dale I feel that it is a required Law of the Universe that you must have some fun on Fridays. RHOADES, HANNA

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