Google Ãœbersetzer Englisch-Deutsch Pons

Utilize the German dictionary's alphabetical index to conduct a search. Directly translate any German phrase into English using the German online dictionary. Select a letter from the list below to get a list of German terms that begin with that letter. Once you've located the term you're searching for, just click it to access the German-English dictionary.

However, it does not stop with the translation!

According to 2016 statistics, it is clear that the majority of visitors to our website need more than a simple translation from English to German. It also does not enough to translate them into another 40 languages. What our visitors are looking for is the ability to improve their proficiency in this language. We learn throughout our lives, and it's only natural that mastering English â the world's most widely spoken language â is of interest to the majority of those looking to make a career change.

Are you able to sing your favorite song in Russian but have no idea what is being said? It is no longer a problem with our bersetzer. Our translation service is unmatched by any other. With his assistance, you may translate the whole of your website and be certain that you will always get accurate, precise, and excellent translation. You will discover a variety of languages on our website, which will facilitate communication with foreigners. Prepare yourself for a journey via several lands. You will, however, be unable to understand all of these Lndern's native languages. With the assistance of our translator, you can easily comprehend Schilder and berschriften in other languages. Our service enables you to comprehend others and to be understood by them.

How does the Google ad blocker work? The Google bersetzer automatically rewrites the text using machine intelligence. A neural network was trained to translate arbitrary texts using millions of examples. The novel aspect of this 'Deep Learning' method is that it does not just translate words or phrases verbatim, but also takes into account the context of the whole sentence during translation. Thus, they achieve more succinct results than previous approaches to automatic translation. The Google translator is capable of translating not just between English and German, but also in a wide variety of other languages.

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