Google Pixel Stock Wallpaper 4K

The App includes nine Live Wallpapers that you may use on your phone's Home Screen and Lock Screen. To customize your Google Pixel 4 Live Wallpaper, long press on the Home Screen and then pick Wallpapers. Then choose Live Wallpaper, and last, select and set your chosen Live Wallpaper. If you experience any problems downloading these wallpapers, please notify me through the comment box. Additionally, spread the word about this post to your friends.

Of course, when you apply these wallpapers to a desktop or laptop, they will not animate like they do while using a Google Pixel smartphone, but they still look fantastic. To my mind, they're a very wonderful complement to Google's own Pixelbook, and it's a little strange that the firm doesn't offer them officially on that device — although something along those lines may be in the works. In my situation, I transferred the âLagos, Portugalâ wallpaper from the Pixel 2 to my Pixelbook. The Honolulu and Mount Pilatus wallpapers also suit my desktop PC well, even with its ultrawide display.

Bear in mind that the Google Pixel 4 is not even official yet. If you recall, the Google Pixel was not official, nor were the Pixel 2 or Pixel 3 when internal components began leaking left and right. This year, the leak issue continues. The Google Pixel 4 Launcher, Camera, a new recorder app, and a new Pixel themes app are now available. Most crucially, the Pixel live wallpapers software was also leaked, from which we retrieved the 4K Pixel 4 stock wallpapers. Stock Images for the Pixel 4

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