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AppNana is another popular app for obtaining Google Play credit. It's a really basic app that rewards you with Nanas (Punkte) when you download apps and skins. AppNana will give you an additional 400 points if you register on a daily basis. You may get nanas in any application in which you play Candy Crush or, for example, the Facebook application. You may exchange your Nana points for Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, or Xbox gift cards. Another way to redeem your points is to purchase apps from the AppNana Store. Cubicer

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To install a content lockup, visit the website of your preferred CPA Network and follow their instructions. In each scenario, you must put a script> in the head> section of the generator.php page and then associate the content locker call with a button. To locate the button to which you should add the content locker call, look for locker in generator.php. Within it, you'll discover a function that wraps alert('demo') and produces demo as a message upon button click. Simply replace alert('demo') with the call to your content locker (for example, call locker()). 5th step (optional)

For instance, if you want to purchase Gems for the Carrom Pool game or the DJ Alok character in the Garena Free Fire game, you may do so using Google Play credit. Additionally, you may join any YouTube program utilizing the Gplay Redeem Codes. Additional Popular Posts You Might Enjoy

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