Google Play Store App Installieren Kostenlos Downloaden

Added feature Play Protect scans your applications and device for malicious activity on a regular basis. Additionally, you will be notified if a security concern is discovered. Now, you may locate your smartphone using the find my device app or by signing into android.com. Updating to the newest version of the Google Play Store:

To the extent that this cannot be accomplished by a simple update and that it is necessary to reinstall or restart the Play-Store application, we will assist you here. Please keep in mind that the following instructions are intended for owners of an Android device running a licensed version of the Play Store. Additionally, depending on the device kind, it may be necessary to root it in order to manually install the Google Play Store. Download the most recent version of the Google Play Store. Utilize tools such as APK Mirror to ensure you always have the most up-to-date version, but also older versions in case you need to downgrade. As with APK Pure, Fdroid, or XDA-Labs, this is a trustworthy site. However, even though we recommend all of these pages, you should always proceed with caution while installing APKs on Android. You are ultimately responsible for Trojans, Viruses, or Violations of the Google Play Store's Terms of Service.

To begin, open your settings and go to "Apps." 2. Schritt: Locate and choose the Google Play Store application from the list. 3. Step: There, you may now click on "Deinstallieren." Google Play Store kann in neueren Android-Versionen nicht mehr deinstalliert werden due to security concerns. Rather than that, just empty the cache. This will be clarified in the next step. 4. Schritt: Now, you must download the Google Play Store via the Internet, e.g. through heise download: Download Google Play apk from https://www.heise.de/download/product/google-play-apk-92066/download. Open and install the file. Following that, the Play Store should once again list your apps. You may still clear the cache on newer smartphones. To do so, choose "Speicher" and then click both "Daten lschen" and "Cache leeren". ×Kurzanleitung

Step 7 â Once your phone has started, launch the Lucky Patcher app and go to the âToolboxâ -> âPatch to Androidâ option to verify if those three choices indicate that the patch has been applied or not.

If you continue to see ânot patchedâ, then patch them again. It ought to work. If the patch was applied successfully, go to step 8.

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