Gotham Jerome Valeska Jeremiah Valeska

Cameron Monaghan's proto-Jokers Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska are fictional enemies on FOX's Gotham, played by Cameron Monaghan. The series is a criminal drama created by Bruno Heller and based on the Batman mythology found in DC Comics comic books. In the absence of a clear connection to Batman's archenemy, the Joker, the series uses the Valeska twins as "proto-Jokers" to establish and explore a cultural genealogy for the supervillain that would eventually lead to the character's origin narrative in the show's fictional reality.

He asserts in the season 4 finale that his prior schemes lacked "vision" and that Ra's al Ghul enlightened him to a bigger purpose: transforming Bruce into the Dark Knight and preparing the city for his arrival. Which entails assassinating Selina Kyle and then blowing up the mainland's bridges, transforming Gotham into a lawless wasteland. Walking Spoiler: If you read his tropes section, you'll quickly discover that he is both Jerome's hidden twin brother and the real identity of the show's take on the Joker.

While the riddler consolidates his authority, Bruce Wayne is forced to relocate to a different region of the nation. With Bruce's celebrity, it's in his best interest to keep a low profile. That is why, rather of residing in the sprawling mansion he owns in a tropical setting, Bruce and his fatal butler relocate to a trailer park in Ohio. It's a significant adjustment, but everything changes when he meets two redhead twins. Thus, this is a kind of other universe; I'm still utilizing the same characters, but the Valeska's aren't yet with Hayley's circus. Bruce and the twins are both sixteen years old. And there will be a sibling insect; I may or may not write smut for it, but it will exist; I'm just going to concentrate on their bond.

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