Gran Hotel Costa Rica Historia

Finding a charming hotel in Saint Jos does not have to be a difficult task. Discover the Gran Hotel Costa Rica Curio Collection by Hilton, an excellent option for travelers like you. The proximity to the city's tourist attractions, such as the Plaza de la Cultura (0,1 km) and Metropolitan Church (Catedral Metropolitana) (0,2 km), makes the Gran Hotel Costa Rica Curio Collection by Hilton the third best place to stay while visiting San Jos.

San Jos is Costa Rica's capital. While this is not their primary attraction, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with some of the treasures of the country's largest city. There are plenty of things to do in San Jos, from strolling along the Avenida Central to disconnecting in the Sabana. In this article, we'll provide 25 things to do in San Jos. Additionally, we recommend the top ten best excursions departing from San Jose to see Costa Rica's natural wonders. By night, the landscape changes and the city becomes somewhat volatile. As such, it is critical that you choose your neighborhood and accommodation carefully. We've included an article with the safest areas to stay in San Jos.

For these and other reasons, the hotel company is implementing the Center for Cultural Research and Conservation's renovation plan.

Until now, no one knows the complete number of changes that will be made or the amount of investment that will be made, figures that will become available after the governing body approves the whole project.

This is a lovely hotel in downtown San Jose, constructed in 1930 and overlooking the National Theater. Charming, yet contemporary. Although it is historic, it is still relevant! The location is close enough to stroll to the center market, which is impossible to miss. The theater just across the street is classical. The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, located around 300 meters away, is incredible. Every night, my wife and I walked streets to see the nightlife and made a point of stopping at the neighborhood ice cream store, which was less than a block away. The 5th-floor breakfast is not to be missed. The bar food is excellent, particularly the ceviche and green mussels. We stayed just across the street from the JFK suite, and a portion of the original is on exhibit in the floor lobby. Four of the six days we stayed were spent on tours (Rainforest, Volcanoes, Coffee Plantations, and the Pacific Coast), all of which were arranged via Tico Tours at the hotel, as did our airport transfers. A really pleasant respite.

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