Happy International Tea Day May 2021

However, many of the labor conditions in the tea sector might be significantly improved. If you believe this holiday is just about sipping tea, you are mistaken! International Tea Day is dedicated to tea workers and the advancement of civil rights. Let us examine how this holiday came to be. Are you a sucker for a nice cup of tea? While International Tea Day may undoubtedly be used to pay tribute to tea, it is also appropriate to pay tribute to individuals who work in the tea sector. The most effective approach to do this is to contribute to raising awareness about their working circumstances in order to improve them.

Have a wonderful International Tea Day!

Tea kinds from throughout the globe thrive at Europe's biggest tea gardens, which benefit from a unique microclimate. Above, a large wooden tray sits on a seven-year-old Indian tea shrub, which serves as an excellent support for tea rolling. On the right, a silver tray lies on a Chinese tea bush's plucking table, Camellia sinensis var.

While almost three-quarters of tea is consumed domestically, tea is an extensively traded and exported commodity. Over the last several decades, the worldwide tea sector has seen remarkable expansion, owing to an increasing global customer base. As a result, tea-producing nations should include climate change problems into their national tea development policies, both on the adaptation and mitigation fronts.

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