Harry Potter Quiz Teste Dich Patronus

Additionally, the exam is restricted to members only. That is, you cannot take it until your Wizarding World account is logged in. While registering on their website is pretty straightforward, it is still a pain in the neck. Nobody enjoys members-only content except, uh, members. Here Is a List of Factors That Could Influence Your Magical Animal

Congratulations, tu Patronus is el Cisne: encarnaci3n de la gracia y elegancia! Cho Chang's patronus is also a cisne. You have not received the cisne in vain: "sofisticado", "encantador", "amiable", y "comprensivo" are all terms that are often used to describe you. Additionally, your intelligence is unquestionable. Sueles is la más inteligente individual de la sala. You are an invaluable member of your team. Congratulations, your patronus is the Jack Russell terrier! Is the same patronus as Ron. Ron's patron is a Jack Russell terrier, since J.K. Rowling had one and was often seen with it. The Jack Russell terrier is well-known for its loyalty, dependability, and tenacity. Is someone who would never scam an acquaintance, despite the fact that he may be prone to small-scale celos attacks. Having this specific patron also indicates that you are a sentimental person.

Alternatively, âExpecto Patronum" means the same thing as âIch erwarte meinen Schutzherrn." This is accurate, since Hexen and Wizards use this Spruch to summon their Protector, who protects them from bsartige Wesen such as Dementors. The Patronus-Zauber is only effective when the Wizard or Hexe is thinking about a fortunate memory. This may be a very sad moment from childhood, for example. If this is accomplished, the Protector manifests in the form of a blue, tierfrming lightgestalt. For each magician and hex, the Patronus always assumes the same animal form. Thus, Harry's Patron is always a Hirsch, Luna Lovegood's Patron is always a Hase, and Dumbledore's Patron is always a Phnix. Only when a human undergoes a significant emotional transformation can the animal form be altered.

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