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Smile! It’stime! Make yourself laugh out loud with these really amusing riddles for children and adults. Whether difficult or simple, long or short, they are all entertaining! Riddles are excellent brain exercises, plus research has shown the health benefits of laughter, so what could be better for you than some of the finest amusing riddles and answers? We've painstakingly selected and developed some of the strangest and most amusing riddles available. Share them with your friends, family, children, and classmates, or even as a way to start a conversation with someone new. For your convenience and amusement, we've divided these puzzles into three categories. Below is a broad collection of humorous riddles, followed by sections on 1) humorous riddles for children and 2) humorous riddles for adults. Take pleasure in and share the laughter!

And your infant sibling, whom we'll refer to as the Future.

Now, consider it and determine if it makes logical." Thus, the little child retires to bed, reflecting on what Dad has said. He wakes up later that night when he hears his infant sibling wailing. He discovers that the infant has soiled his diaper badly. The little child enters his parents' room and finds his mother fast sleeping. He walks to the nanny's room, not wishing to wake her. He peers through the keyhole and sees his father having sex with the nanny. He gives up and returns to his bed.

What do dentists refer to as x-rays? 11 clean and humorous puns for children, teenagers, and adults. It's difficult to find good clean jokes that are both truly hilarious and totally suitable. For seniors, a lengthy clean joke. Clean jokes that are suitable for all ages. Only a small percentage of individuals will get this clean humor. 2. In the cafeteria of a catholic school, a nun lays a notice in front of a pile of apples instructing students to take just one. A pirate enters a pub with a steering wheel, a peg leg, and a parrot on his shoulder.

The property is owned by a blonde and a redhead. They've just lost their bull. The ladies need another but have just $500. "I'll go to the market and see if I can locate one for less than that," the redhead says to the blonde. I will send you a telegram if I am able." She then proceeds to the market, where she discovers one for $499. With just one dollar remaining, she walks to the telegraph office and discovers that each word costs one dollar. She's at a loss for how to communicate with the blonde about bringing the truck and trailer. Finally, she instructs the operator to transmit the word "comfortable." The operator, skeptical, inquires, "How would she know to come with the trailer based on that phrase alone?" "Because she's a blonde, she reads slowly: 'Come fer ta bull,'" the redhead responds.

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